iOS 10 - the beginning of the end for apps as you know them →

With iOS 10, Apple wants to stop you from jumping in and out of apps all the time, instead encouraging quick dips into different services, without ever opening them entirely.

From an user point of view, this can only enhance how quickly we can interact with our favorite services without losing focus on what we’re doing. And this is great.

But, I always trying to see also the developer side, and if this behaviour can enhance the user-base in some cases (I think people will be pushed to use third party services if those are deeply integrated with iOS), in other situations this way to interact can be a losing point.

If your business is based also on how much time your users spend inside the app (can you hear me, Twitter?), probably this features aren’t the best choices.

I’m really courious to see how -and which- apps will adopt this kind of deeply integration with the OS.

Written on June 21, 2016 - #Link #Apple #iOS #iOS10