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“You’re Mac”. It was interesting because this time his inflection implied my situation was hopeless. It was like a Microsoft-approved version of “I am Groot.” One phrase. Infinite inflections. Clearly, he’d had a lot of practice at saying it.

Unfortunately, in this days, it’s really common to find business environments where the Mac generates some kind of “fear” to the IT guys.

In some situations (like the customer where I’m working now), at the beginning there was some doubts about my Mac setup to work, and I was forced to use a Windows machine. But, during the time, I have demonstrated that, with my Mac, not only I can done the same work like I do with the Windows machine, but I can do that more quickly (probably only because I know the system much more than Windows).

I’m a Mac

Written on November 6, 2014 - #Apple #Mac #Link