Workflow Wish List

Use the Workflow app on a daily basic enhanced a lot my productivity on iOS.

Like Drafts and Working Copy, this is one of the three apps I always install as first on all my devices.

Creating more and more workflows every week, there are some features which I hope will be added in the future; here a basic list:

  • Folders: using dozen of different workflows, and often experimenting with new ones, makes the first view of the app bloated with any kind of stuff. A simple way to organize those can help me to find quickly what you need. I trying some solutions, like using different colors for different group of things, but I’m not very good at this;

Main view

  • Workflow recalls: as a developer, I love splitting complex tasks in little reusable objects. I’d love if there was a way to call a specific workflow as a step, and waiting for a come back, will be available; often I found myself copying and pasting from a workflow to another the same identical steps (which can be tedious to manage when something change and I had to update the same part in a lot of different workflows);

Direct links, direct links everywhere

  • Custom steps: you can see this as a solution for the previous point also; the availability to define custom steps (like a frequent x-callback-url with some variable fields) to reuse in different workflows; can solve some of the replication problems I have;

Probably there aren’t a lot of users who demand or gains benefices from those features, and if the evolution of the software will proceed in another direction, I’m going to continue using it happily, but I think some of those can help Workflow to jumping forward as a professional software.

Written on June 20, 2016 - #Workflows #Automation #iOS