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There’s a widespread assumption that heavy use of Google products is unavoidable and that they’re always the “best”. That hasn’t been my experience.

In this particular case, I found my experience and habits really similar to the ones described by Marco Arment.

I stopped using Google services extensively when they demonstrated to actively use my personal data (crawled from various -not mine- sites) to try to sell me some things.

This is happened about 5 years ago, when I choosed to leave my job to became an IT freelance.

About 1 week after I’ve opened my freelance tax position in my country, I received a letter (yes, a physical letter) from Google, who congratulate with me for my decision, and tells me I can promote myself with Google Ads (they send me a coupon).

I was a bit surprised because: - it was a decision I get talking extensively with my wife, and never on Google services (we already using Apple services for emails and chatting purposes) - I never comunicate to Google evidence of this decision, so I suppose they actively crawling the public business databases (available via website) my country provides to anyone. - They were quick: in fact, I hadn’t even talked about this change to my grandmother (which is a really important person in my life), that Google already complimenting me

I know, probably also Apple (and dozen of other services) use my data to making moneys or for advertising, and it’s ok, I can understand.

But, reach me at home it seemed weird to me.

Written on May 30, 2015 - #Link #Google #Apple