Why I don't buy a smartwatch

These days I reading continually posts on various blog/news about the smartwatches, how cool they are, and how we can live better with those.

You can have latest news, email and sms notifications, control your music, taking photos and videos, browsing phone contents like contacts or photos and, of course, have time&date information. All without take your smartphone out of your pocket. Great.

But, are we sure we need that? We really need to keep a redundancy of informations, always available on your wrist?

Personally, I’ve stopping using watch (yeah, the old style watch, with only the time and date informations) about two years ago. I got this choice after thinking why I wear a watch.

Many many people, I think, wear a watch not because this is useful, but because is an habit.

In my case, most of the time I look at the clock on my wrist, I don’t read the time… I’m only watch the clock.

Think about your day: is more frequently for you to read the time on your watch, or on your computer/smartwatch/tablet?

So, make a try: tell a friend to look at you and asking “what time is it?” immediately after you have watched your clock. Can you reply? You have read the hour, or have you only watch your clock?

In the case, like me, you can’t respond to that question, you don’t need the clock…

So, probably, you don’t need a smartwatch.

Written on September 5, 2013 -