What if the iPad ran iPad OS? →

Imagine instead, like the Apple Watch, the iPad ran its own distinct version of iOS: iPad OS. Rather than a stripped down version for smaller screens and batteries, imagine it ran an amped-up version that really took advantage of bigger screens and batteries, with a Home screen, interaction methods, and capabilities optimized for a tablet.

In my “collection” of Apple devices, I’ve also have two iPad.

The first is an iPad 2, which I’ve used a lot. It’s a great device, I’ve used it for browsing, managing servers via ssh and, occasionally, for playing. I’ve also read some books on it (the longest was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, before trying and switching to the Kindle (iBooks is good, but reading about 900 pages on the iPad display was a pain for my eyes).

Then, I’ve fallen in love to the form factor of the iPad Mini, so I bought an iPad Mini 2 and gave to my daughter my old iPad for occasional gaming (she use it about 1 hour every month).

After stop to read books on it, I’ve used the iPad mainly as a companion device for my couch nigths; when my wife watch TV shows I don’t care about, I pick up the device and start reading articles from my reading list (I use the Safari Reading List for that) or my Twitter timeline (also if I suffer for the lack of updates for Tweetbot).

So, I’m not an big iPad user, but I love enjoying all that additional screen space for reading.

But, everything is changed when I bought the iPhone 6 Plus. The mix of portability (ok, its a little big as phone, but still more portable than the iPad Mini) and the screen size made me reading more and more on the iPhone, keeping the iPad in the drawer.

Now, I use the iPad when I need to write middle-length post on this blog, thanks to my new iOS post habits, but the majority of those posts are written from my iPhone or from my Mac.

So I think, excluding the fact I’m an iOS developer (which love to test things -also- on the iPad), I’m not an iPad person anymore.

Obviously, a scenario like the one proposed by Rene Ritchie will make me to give another try to the iPad, but I don’t feel really confident about this kind of integration by Apple.

WWDC is coming, I’ll keep watching on it.

Written on May 22, 2015 - #iOS #iPad