Using iPad Pro as a web developer →

I was already using my iOS devices way more then my MacBook, but my work was still revolved around OS X. iPad Pro was the first iPad which made me think about switching to an iOS based workflow.

As I’ve tweeted some days ago, I’ve tried for the first time an iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard.

I just typed few quick sentences (I was at an Apple Store, and I don’t like to use a device more than a couple of minutes), played with the split screen capabilities, and with some keyboard shortcut.

I was amazed. Really, this feels like a device I can use everyday, all day.

And, in fact, there isn’t a real limit on this, considering the fact my mostly used apps are the Terminal, a text editor (usually, vi), a git client and some companion apps (like the browser or Skype for communications).

The only perplexities I have on this setup are the following:

  • Even if you can connect your iPad to the network via ethernet, with a bunch of bulky adapters, seem that there isn’t any way to configure the network interface. To work on some of my customers I need to plug directly the ethernet cable, with a static IP address configured on it. I know, there are a lot of portable wifi bridges I can use for this purpose, but this meant another device, usually with another power charge, etc.
  • Excel and Numbers are widely used in the business world, but for ethics reasons I use LibreOffice for compiling my documents (usually shared with my colleagues). There isn’t an easy way to manage LibreOffice documents on the iPad.
  • Also, I need OpenVPN to connect to some customer networks and seem there isn’t a really good OpenVPN client on iOS (I tried a bunch, but none of those worked).

I really, really, hope I can start using iOS for my work, but probably it’s not the time yet.

Written on June 6, 2016 - #Link #Dailink #iPad