Use Evernote for everything

More and more frequently you can read articles on this website where I talk about Evernote, or where I explain how to increase the Evernote integration with OSX.

But, if you can found those useful, here there is some personal considerations and habits I’ve daily using Evernote.

First of all I want to share with you a video (originally published on The Verge):

After seeing that, I’ve realize that the sentence is one, and one only:

’'’Evernote become really needful when you start use for everything’’’

So, I’ve tried. I’ve started using Evernote for everything.

And this was a great idea.

The first step is to install the Evernote Web Clipper for your browser (available for all browsers). With that you have two great features: - You can easly and quickly putting all the interesting stuff from the web directly into Evernote. I use this many many times every day for a lot of things: from code snippets, to fun stuff, to images, etc. It’s definitely the more used way for me to add note to my account. - You can integrate the search on google with the search on your Evernote notes. When you search something on the google site, you can see on the left the google results (as usual) and, on the right the search results from your account. With a click on a note result, the desktop client is opened with your note (or, if you prefer, you can browse the results directly from the Evernote web client)

The second step is to use the Evernote desktop client (you can use the direct iTunes link). You have already installed that, right?

On the Mac, have the Evernote icon on your dock is a great feature. You can drag on it everything from your computer and put easly into your notes: a file, a pdf, an image, an e-mail, etc.

I use this method often mainly for the email attachments I want to store and for some PDF manuals. And, with the great feature Evernote has of images and pdf indexing, and the ability to search into notes directly from Spotlight, this is a must-have.

On the mobile world, I think the best way to add something to Evernote is send an email to your Evernote account. This is a great feature, and it’s really simple to use.

From the desktop client, you can click on your account name and select ‘Account Info’. Here you have an email under the field ‘Email notes to:’

I’ve add this address, named ‘Evernote’, as a contact in my phonebook, so from any application I can select text or share via email, and send the content to ‘Evernote’.

Boom, now it’s on my notes

Another cool way to ensuring all your interesting stuff going directly into Evernote, is to using an online automation service. This kind of products permit to generate some automatic action when you do something online.

Personally I love to use IFTTT for thats.

Sometimes (not often as I want) I use Instagram to share photos to my friends and family. And sometimes I see on that some cool images I want to save.

So I’ve created two trigger in IFTTT:

  • First, I got all the images published by me on Instagram, and saved those in my Evernote account; automatically put those on my ‘Images’ notebook, and tag all of those with ‘Instagram’ tag.

  • Second, I got all images I’ve liked on Instagram, and save those in my Evernote account. As before, I use the same notebook and tag to identify this images.


Written on May 3, 2013 - #Evernote