Twitter remove the 140 characters in DM →

One change coming in July that we want to make you aware of now (and first!) is the removal of the 140 character limit in Direct Messages.

I don’t know if I’m happy or not about this change.

Twitter is always be the “140 chars social network” and, despite a lot of changes in the way we quote, having discussion (either public or private), sharing things, this is a de-facto rule!

This “limitation” it’s a way to force peoples (or, at least, some people), to think about how what they want to say can be expressed concisely. And this is a great idea.

Using the same rule in Direct Messages, force the users to keep this habit even during private conversations with the others; this made discussions direct, clear and concise.

I think breaking the rule for DMs is a marketing-driven decision for making peoples using more and more frequently Twitter as a multi-purpose service, and its ok, its great for Wall Street investors, but I hope this don’t made peoples starts using it as a kind of WhatsApp or Telegram.

If Twitter will keep the characters number in DMs view, I’ll continue to force myself using 140 chars, otherwise I think I’ll move to Drafts also for tweeting.

Written on June 13, 2015 - #Link #Twitter