The new Evernote web interface

Some hours ago the annual Evernote conference was began. I usually don’t follow the live streaming of the event (I don’t have the time), but every year I’m super curious about what they present during that conference.

The first thing it’s amazed me is the new Evernote web interface:

Web interface

It’s simple, clear and distraction free:

No distraction

And… it’s amazing quick!! I love the speed and the interface, it’s great!

Super speed

Search speed

They have presented also a new OS X client, optimized for Yosemite:

Yosemite Client

If the speed will be the same of the web interface, I can’t wait to put my hands on it.

At this time, with that speed and look&feel, I’m seriously thinking about switching from the OSX client, to the web interface!

Great work guys!

Written on October 3, 2014 - #Evernote