The NeverEnding Story

Tweetbot or Twitter - that is the question!

As usual, I found myself switch again and again from those two apps as my primary Twitter client.

I can’t decide because each one have some feature I missing a lot when I’m on the other.

The official client it’s official, so it get all the new features first, like Stickers or Polls, and some of those has never been released to developers of third-party clients (like the group DMs).

On the other side, Tweetbot provides some great additions which may be difficult to ignore when you switch to another client: timeline synchronization at first (but I have a personal opinion about why Twitter doesn’t include it in the official client), the recent added filter feature (I love it, expecially for filtering media types on specific search results), or the recent tag who indicates if the content will be played inside or outside the app itself.

A wish come true

I found myself switching from one to another not only as a primary client, but also a lot of time daily for using one or other specific feature.

For a frictionless experience during these switch, I use two Workflow action extentions who permits to quickly open a tweet from an app to another.

Open in Twitter Open in Twitter

Open in Tweetbot Open in Tweetbot

Both uses the extended regular expression text replacement for building the correct url needed for opening the choosed client, from a general https Twitter url.

Hopes you can found those usefull.

Written on July 5, 2016 - #Twitter #Tweetbot #Workflow