Switching to Evernote web client

Last week, during the EC2014, the Phil’s team has released a new beta web client for Evernote.

I’ve enabled it as soon as possible, supported by the fact that I simply never use the web client for Evernote (except when I’m not on my computer and I don’t have my iDevice with me), and because from the screenshot I loved the new UI.

But, when I’ve tried this, I’m amazed about the look and the speed of this web client.

In fact, I’m so amazed than I’ve switched from the Evernote client to the new web interface as a temporary solution.

I -usually- hate the web application… I experience a sort of limited possibilities when I need to use those webmail, web calendars, etc. and, with this one, is no different (at this time, the automation for linking in Postach.io simply doesn’t work anymore)

I’m really hope that the new Evernote client for Mac optimized for Yosemite will be so speedy like the web interface, so I can switch back to the desktop application.

Just for info, I’ve used Fluid and this icon in order to manage the web client like a local application.

Written on October 6, 2014 - #Evernote #Mac