Switch to Paper

Of course, I’m not talking about throwing all my electric devices and start living a more vintage life riding my bicycle, taking picture with a Polaroid 1000 camera, and writing down ideas on a classic Moleskine.

After reading some posts on social networks, I choosed (about two/three weeks ago) to download the new Facebook Paper app, and give it a try.

I’m impressed!

On my “old” iPhone 4S device, it’s run a lot more quickly than the standard Facebook app.

I’m not a frequent user of Sections to retrieve news, I actually use more Flipboard or Interesting, side by side with my Read After to add content to Safari Reading List (those application don’t support it natively), but also only for browsing my timeline, my personal use experience is enhanced.

Finally, some days ago, I definitively removed the regular iOS Facebook app, and switched totally on Paper.

Look forward to see if this setup can resist on my device more than few weeks.

Written on February 24, 2014 - #iOS