Speeding up the Air

In those days I tried to speed up my MacBook Air, a late 2011 model with “only” 2GB of ram.

First of all an explanation.. I am really addicted to the standard Apple applications, not because I’m an Apple fan, but with a MacBook Air, an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2 and an Apple TV, the out-of-the-box apps give me the maximum integration.

First of all I make a list of which “other” apps I really need:

  • Skype: I use that everyday to manage contact with my clients
  • ClipMenu: Some months ago I start using this clipboard manager. Now I can’t live without
  • Evernote: I’ve this app always opened on my Mac and this is the only app who have won an entire screen of my laptop, as a fullscreen application. I use Evernote for everything!
  • AppCleaner: The only way I use to uninstall Mac applications
  • Xcode: I have to tell I use this for coding? naaaa

After a week of check, I have seen that I haven’t use other app, so I uninstall them.

As a browser, I’ve check some of Mac browsers for some weeks, and I choose to stay on Safari; ok, it’s not quick as Chrome, but the memory usage is really minimal, and the integration is unbelievable.

I’ve kept on my mac only Firefox as alternative, and only for two plugins not available for Safari.

But, every day, I use only few of those applications. 99% of my time I’ve opened:

  • Safari
  • Messages
  • Terminal
  • Skype
  • ClipMenu
  • Evernote

So, all my Mac resources is used by those apps.

But, one of this application is really painful about the general responsiveness: Mail.

I have tried some alternatives; from one side, no clients (like Sparrow or Thunderbird) going through more than 2 or 3 week of usage.

From the other side, using the webmail is really painful for me: I check constantly three e-mail account (personal, work and another used by my ISP for communication), and having to refresh three different sites with three different interfaces is impossible for my habits.

So, preinstalled Mail is great, have a really modern interface with thread management, inline attachments and a lot of “eye-candy”, but with three accounts and some thousand of email, with conversations long about 50/60 email, is really slow.

Today I’ve tried to change a little the interface to try if is only a “rendering” slowness or a “core” problem, so I’ve do this modifications:

Mail -> Preferences -> View and select “Use classic layout”

Unselect View -> Organize by thread

Unselect View -> Show favorites bar

Removed all my Smart Folders

Now Mail look like it’s coming out directly from the Snow Leopard Old new Mail

But it’s really faster…

I hope there is a constant situation for the next days.

Written on March 8, 2013 - #Mac