Reaching 1000

Finally I’ve reached 1000 notes on Evernote

The proof

I actually use Evernote for.. hmm… everything! The search engine is great, the indexing of notes, recognized text in images, attachment content (in Excel and Word file) is great and give me immediately the results I need.

Here some example of my daily usage of Evernote:

  • For work: every activities I do during the work hours have their note. This make me more quick when I search for old activity. Every component of work (email, excel/word files, notes, screenshots, etc.) is quickly searchable.

  • For family: with shared Notebooks I can keep some notes in sync with my wife, so when we choose to made some changes on our house, or we find some cool recipes to try, we can easily share the informations between us

  • For developing: I follow some developers and developing blogs; when I found a really cool piece of code, or a good tutorial, I use Evernote Web Clipper to get te part I need and put in my notes. Great.

  • For searching: Evernote Web Clipper also provide a wonderful feature, the embedded search. When I query for something in Google, I receive also the results from my Evernote notes, so I don’t have to search the same thing multiple times

  • For blogging: yes, also this blog is managed entirely with Evernote, thanks to In fact, I wrote this post as a note in Evernote that will be tagged as “published” when I want to put it on the blog

  • For remembering: I want to keep my online and personal favorites quotes and moment always with me. With the help of some IFTTT recipes I can automate this job. Mark a tweet as favorite = that tweet became a new note, with data and reference to the original post; favorite a video in Youtube = A new note was created with the title of that video and a link to the video itself. I’ve also created a recipe with IFTTT on iPhone/iPad to add all photos I made with my iPhone as a note in Evernote.

So I would advise you to try Evernote, and hope you can found this software useful like me.

Written on February 18, 2014 - #Evernote