Quitting the feed

I want to start a little experiment on my news reading habits.

But, a little preface is necessary: I usually read daily news about technology, minimalism, fun, etc. and, by some years this daily reading was done through rss feeds.

The idea it’s well known: you found an interesting source (read - site), add the feed, and you will be notified every time a new article is available.

Strong, well-knowed, old!

The limits I start discovery on this technology, is the redundancy of the news; some differents sites publish the same news, and you will been submerged with a long-list of the same news again and again.

So this is the experiment: stop using the rss feed, and replace with a news app which watch what I read often, and propose fresh news linked to my interests.

I’ve found the Zite app… you can add some initial category of interests, and the app start propose to you some articles. During the use, this app constantly watching what kind of news you read or like, and propose in the flow, some other news (external to your categories) you can found interesting. I don’t know the algorithm but, after a week of use, I found that work well.

In addition, I continue to using Flipboard for category, related news.

The only limit I see, using that technology, its a little feature now available for iOS7: the “Add to Safari Reading List”.

After the fail with the Dolphin experience (I will write a post about that), I roll back to the Safari Reading List (I will write also on this on another post), and it’s so tedious to open the interesting articles into Safari, only to add this article to the Reading List.

I hope it’s quickly implemented by the app maker (it’s a single line of code, plus the check if the app run on a iOS7 device).

I start today with the experiment, I will keep you informed.

Written on November 11, 2013 - #Mac