Preamble - A week in Links

It’s a lot of time I don’t write on this blog. Something has changed in my habits, something has changed in my life, and I haven’t a lot of time for all the projects I want to follow.

By the way, use iOS9 and El Capitan have changed the way I manage my things; first of all the new (on both) became one of my daily used application. I love the simplicity (and the power) of that, and the integration to the OS became much more deep thanks to the sharing capabilities it brings.

So, just for fun, I started to save a couples of links in a note, sometimes with a brief comment, sometimes just the link. This (I hope) will help me to remember what hit me, on a weekly base.

Then the idea: why not share to everyone those links?

So, from today, I want to see if I can post once a week this section, and discover if it will help me to fix those things in my mind and, hopefully, entertain my followers.

Written on October 29, 2015 - #AweekInLinks