New blog platform

In the past, I been pretty enthusiast about blogging. It’s a great platform, and if you - like me - use extensively Evernote, this can b e a good way to blog.

Unfortunately, some days ago (about 2 months or so) they have choosed to become a payment-only blog platform. This is not a bad thing, of course, but I think their pricing its a bit high for people who don’t live or make profit via their blog.

$9/mo it’s not a big expense, but (and this is just my opinion) with the same price I can get an entire VPS, so I don’t see the advantage of buying just a blog platform.

So, I go on and started to search a way to replace that (great) platform.

This is what I need:

  • Markdown editing (I love Markdown
  • Full control on templating and, basically, the entire site (posts, css, etc.)
  • Custom domains support
  • The ability to tests the changes before publishing (‘'’this is an option’’’)

I’ve tryed Medium for a little time, but I feel that the posts, once published, are a little less mine. I know that -legally- those posts are mine and I can update and/or delete those when I want, but I started to feeling a little detachment from my blog.

Then, I landed on Jekyll which have what I need, and it’s available as a free static website hosting solution via GitHub Pages. The idea is pretty simple and quite powerful: you can create a repository on GitHub named and then, every files you'll put in that repository will be processed by Jekyll and availables as a static website.


Here a list of features:

  • Custom domain fulled supported: just editing a file and made a CNAME entry in your domain to start using it
  • Everything is configurable: layout, css, kind of post, everything. Just edit, commit and push.
  • Markdown is supported, also you can use the Jekyll (Ruby) syntax to providing content via plugins (like code highlighting, which render more quickly than external Gists)
  • Your site is a GIT Repository: this mean you can do a checkout of your site on every machine you want to use for editing/posting.
  • Jekyll is an OpenSource project so, you can also run and test your website locally before pushing on your public website.

Great! Great! Great!

Here a detailed tutorial to start: Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages

And, yes, this blog is now published with Jekyll and GitHub pages.

Now, I just need to find an editor for iOS which support GitHub for posting from mobile (and this seems an hard challenge :( )

Written on April 20, 2015 - #GIT #Jekyll