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One thing that’s been lingering in my mind since last week was the number of times everyone kept describing the new Metal platform as providing “Console” quality graphics. That’s pretty great and I’m looking forward to seeing some powerful iPad and iPhone games but how would this impact on the rumored updated AppleTV

I’ve always think that the possibility of an AppleTV used for gaming, with our iOS devices acting as controllers (with some kind of short range, low latency wireless connection between those - someone say bluetooth 4??), can become a really competitor of modern console.

Anyone remember the Sega Dreamcast console?


In that image you can see the entire set: - Left: the controller - Center: the console itself - Right: ???

In the right there is memory card, a little removable piece of hardware (you can insert it in the controller, from the top) where you can save your game progress.

The cool thing is that: the memory card itself is a little “liquid crystals” portable console (like the first Nintendo Gameboy; on that you can continue your saved games when you’re not on your couch in front on the Dreamcast. Ok, it’s a limited, poor-graphics version of the game, but hey it’s the ‘99, we have fun with what we have.

The “Metal” AppleTV, with can become a sort of thing like that. When we are on mobility, we can play with the incredible graphics of our iOS devices, but when we are back at home, on the couch, in front of our big tv, it’s cool if we can continue our game on that, using our devices as a mere controller.

Some games actually use the AppleTV as external display (here 5 examples) but all the computation are on the device and then streamed via wifi on the TV, so in some cases (read the N.O.V.A. 3 review) its a little bit frustrating.

I hope to see some improvements with a Metal-enabled AppleTV.

Written on June 11, 2014 - #AppleTV #Games #Link