Learn and Relax

As I’ve wrote on Twitter, I passed the last weeks trying to learn Swift 3 and the Functional programming paradigm.

If you’ve noticed, on May I’ve decided to not renew my Apple Developer Account; my two apps are removed from the store, and this bring to me a little sadness.

Changes in my job leave me with really no time to keep the app updated, expecially the Read After app, which also become pretty obsolete from the introduction of sharing extensions in iOS.

But I really love to develop, and these time spent learning new things makes me thinking again to another project I want to build from long time.

Also, this week I’m currently on holiday, spending -finally- a lot of time with my family, and using the free time to rest and to sediment what I’ve learn in the last weeks.

If you’re interesting on Swift and, expecially, the Functional way to develop, I’ll suggest to read the objc.io blog and to watch the various Chris Eidhof’s talks.

Written on August 18, 2016 - #Develop #Swift3 #Functional