Here we go

Finally, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are available also here in Italy.

I don’t want to discuss prices, I already do this in another post, but I can start thinking on which will be my next phone.

Actually, my customer is a big internet/cellular provider here in Italy, which (of course) offer from today those iPhone. Obviously, my curiosity is big, and after the lunch, I’ve visited the internal store to “see and grab” the new Apple stuff.

Unfortunately, only the iPhone 6 is available, so I haven’t seen yet the “big daddy”.

Conclusion: in my hand, the 4.7’’ iPhone 6 doesn’t feel so much big, also if my current iPhone is a “short” iPhone 4S; this phone is probably so thin and light that the general feeling is to have a big-but-compact phone in my (relatively tiny) hands.

Probably, I will buy the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, with a contract, but before proceeding I prefer to pick up one and see if the feeling is the same (or similar); I hope to not feel that will be too huge for me. Or, I hope it feel huge in a way that made me happy.

I’ve already say “huge”?

This Ad made me laugh so much.

Btw, the impression of my first hand-on of this devices is that the general quality follow the Apple standards: everything seems well built. I love the continuity between the glass and the aluminum back; the protruding camera don’t hurt me too much as I expect, but a cover is needed to prevent it from scratch.

Written on September 26, 2014 - #Apple #iPhone