Flappy Bird is trying to demotivate me as developer

Everyone (ok, not really everyone, but a lot of people) talking about Flappy Bird game in those days. After avoiding this persistent rumors in my news flux (twitter, feeds, common looking sites), I have downloaded and played with Flappy Bird a little, just for curiosity.

I’m not really a games addicted, I don’t keep a lot of games on my devices, and usually I keep those only because my daughter sometimes play with that. But, as a developer, all those tweets, post, etc. make me a little curious about that.

But, when I’ve started and made my first game, my first sentence is: WTF???

I’m not a really productive developer, in fact I’ve only two applications in the store, but every time I try to develop something, I’m going to refine again and again my applications, trying to finish with the best quality that my knowledge can reach.

Flappy Bird demotivate me as a developer, because is the prove that marketing can hide the product quality. This game is really really simple, a lot of tutorial was wrote on how to make a game like that in, hmmm, two hours of work???? For example, here the link from Alberto Pasca’s blog: How to make Flappy Bird like game using Cocos2D

I’m not a marketing monster, my last application Read After is a great example of that: every people which I’ve talking about my app thinks its a cool idea but, in fact, I’ve actually have 10 download after one month in the store.

I can only hope, in the future, that people start to appreciate the quality instead the hype.

Written on February 10, 2014 - #Develop