Episode IV - A new Mac

As you have already suspected by the title, I’m a little nerd. And, when a nerd think about buying a present for his wife (which, for example, turn 30, but only for example), usually he think about some nerdy stuff.

The Gift

My wife know her situation -married with a nerd- but, during the years passed with her, I’ve learned to limit the nerdy stuff, often replaced with some lingerie, little jewels or kitchen-related stuff, but for her 30th birthday I want to buy something she loved (and I secretly love too): a 27” iMac.

When we see that Mac in various shop, like Apple Stores or other Apple resellers here in Italy, she always tell me:

 Have you seen it? This can be awesome in our apartment!

And… she love it!

Thinking about possibilities

I’m really happy when I can mix my “nerdyness” with something she love, and seems I made a great hit this time.

Now she start to think about some cool stuff can she done with the Mac: organizing our photos, making some little videos of our daughter and our experiences, or writing a book about her passions…

She start thinking not only about what she can do with the computer, but also about what she can create with that, and this is something I know because I read often about, but never see in first person.

Luke, use the force

Yes, another Star Wars quote… The fact is simple: like Luke Skywalker, which use the force to reach a goal - moving an object, or “listen” an incoming laser - my wife want to use the new iMac to make something she haven’t think before.

She, in fact, enjoy the gift for the possibilities that present have opened, and not only for the gift itself.

Probably, this is the real vision that pilot the majority of the Apple moves in the last years. Move the customer to see the computer not as an object, but as an instrument to make something great.

And, I think, this is a great design demonstration: the ability to motivate persons only with the aesthetic form of an object; in fact, my wife thinking about what she can do with the iMac before starting using it.

Great move, Apple!

Written on March 31, 2014 - #Mac