Entering the iTunes Affiliate Program

If you browse my website, you’ve probably noticed that there are no ADs or trackers, except for the Google Analytics one, which I just use to track accesses to my GitHub hosted website.

Even if I haven’t a lot of views every day, I want to try something: the iTunes Affiliate Program.

Thanks to a great article posted on MacStories, I’ve learned the basics about how the program works, and to me seems quite ethic by the users side.

From today, every link to iTunes content I’ll post on this website will be an affiliate link, so the user will jump directly to the store from that.

If you find the content (app, movie, song, etc.) interesting and usefull for yourself, you can buy from the store at the same price, but a little slice of the cake will be served to me.

I hope this will be an incentive for myself to publishing more often (like I try to do these days), and to produce quality content for all my readers.

Just to be totally clean, I’ve updated all iOS App Store links on this blog with the affiliated url.

Please, feel free to reach me on Twitter if you find this isn’t a good/ethic behaviour, so we can discuss on it.

Written on June 15, 2016 - #Apple #Affiliate #AppStore