Considerations about the iPad Pro

These days the new iPad Pro was launched, and reviews are pretty balanced between enthusiastic and deluded ones.

Just a little step backward: I’ve never tried the bigger iPad and, in fact, I never have seen the real device. All thoughts in this post are just the my personal ideas after reading the online reviews.

First of all, I’ve read the Viticci’s great review which, I think, it’s a great point of view about an iPad, expecially because he use it as primary working device.

On the other side, Tom Warner seems a little less enthusiast on his article on The Verge.

So, if Tom explain that some things are missing, like a way to keep the Pencil attached to the iPad, or the possibility to change inclination of the iPad when its in “laptop mode”, Federico seems pretty enthusiast, and I thinks he’s going to buy one as soon as possible.

But, in many other articles I’ve read, the people tends to compare the new iPad with laptops. And I think this is wrong.

First of all, in my opinion, you can’t compare a tablet with a laptop because, basically, one is a tablet and the other one is a laptop: those devices have different targets and different workflows, also if you can do the same basic things on each of those.

Also, I think you can’t easly compare the iPad Pro with the Microsoft Surface (or the Surface Book): the first is a tablet, with the size and the power to be a laptop for someone, the second is a laptop who can be -also- a tablet. Two starting points for two different devices.

I’ve two different iPad: an iPad 2, which is primarily used by my daughter for little games or watching cartoons on the go, and an iPad Mini, which IS used primarily as a video consuming device. In the past, I used it also for reading news collected during the day but, when I switched from the iPhone 4s to the 6plus, reading on the iPhone became a pleasure.

My primary problem is I’ve never used the iPad to produce something; and, I think this is a limit for me, first as a person, who can’t really understand the power of that platform, and second as a developer, which trying to produce something for a device I barely use for watching YouTube videos.

The real game changing, I suppose, will be to provide a way to developers to start to really work on that device. And, yes, I talk about Xcode for the iPad Pro, so everyone can start feeling the device.

Finally, my opinion is we can’t yet have an idea of what the iPad Pro will be, there is a lot of space for improvements, and a lot of space for failures.

Written on November 13, 2015 - #iOS #iPad #Pro