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Brandon Williams presenting at the February 2015 Brooklyn Swift Developers Meetup

As developer, I’m a sort of “old dog”; I love to enjoy new aspects and APIs from SDK releases, and try those things.

But, until now, I avoided to change my programming language.

I’ve started with ANSI-C in school and, when I choose to develop for mobile world, the Objective-C language seem a natural evolution for me. It’s about 5 years I develop in that language, and when Apple has released Swift, I’ve tried it and, after some weeks, I told myself “why learning an entire new language, when I’m already confident with my old one?”

So, simply, I ignored it. Until this week.

After the keynote, I think that Apple, in some kind of future, will abandon ObjectiveC in favour to Swift.

Because it was built from the ground up in the Apple hug, because the new developers (and I refer to kids who partecipate to the scholarship program) use primary Swift, because seems to fill better the holes between different OS… I don’t know.

But I saw something into Craig Federighi and Tim Cooks’s eyes which told me to start learning seriously that language.

So, it’s back to school, this week I’ll start with the basics to learn something new (I feel excited and scared in the same time)

This video is really mindblowing for a occasional developer like me, who love to codes and love math. Also, show some impressive concepts of that language !


Written on June 10, 2015 - #Link #Develop #Swift