Back to the source - iOS Reinstalling

It’s some months I’ve started getting a popup message in my iPhone:

Storage Almost Full. You can manage your storage in Settings.

Ok, I’m yet with an “old” 16GB iPhone 4S (with the LCD partially broken), but this becoming more and more annoying over the time. I’ve reach the point where I get this popup almost every time I’m unlocks my phone.

Remove the applications not solve the problem, because I don’t have many applications, and because a lot of space are used for Photos.

Also, my device is become really slow with the iOS 8.0 update, and this have finally convinced me that some kind of activity are needed in order to solve my problems.

After a full backup of my photos with iPhoto, I’ve thinked that the only thing I want to save from my current iPhone-only datas are the SMS. So I proceeded this way:

  • Made a full backup of my iPhone with iTunes
  • With the iBackupBot utility I’ve extracted only the sms.db file from my backup
  • Then I’ve reset to factory default my iPhone and updated it to iOS 8.1
  • Immediately after the first launch of the iOS, I’ve done another full backup of the empty system with iTunes
  • Again, with iBackupBot utility I’ve replaced the SMS db of this “vanilla” iOS installation with the backup I’ve made before
  • Then I’ve made a restore of my iPhone from this backup

Result? A plain iOS installation with only my old SMS.

After that I’ve choose to install the apps only when I need it so, at this point, the only apps I’ve on my iPhone are:

  • Tweetbot - The Twitter client I use every day
  • Overcast - My favourite podcast player
  • Launch Center Pro - I use this for a lot of automation on iOS
  • Path - I use this as a sort of “private social network” with only my family connected
  • Evernote - Because I use Evernote for everything!
  • Pinner - My Pinboard favorite client
  • IFTTT - Because I use a lot of recipes for automating things on the internet
  • iTranslate - English isn’t my first language so, sometimes, I do a double check before post something
  • Numbers - I use this for managing customers invoices and other personal data.

Less of 10 apps and, for now, I’ve no needs to install other things. And, for now, my iPhone is really quicker than before.

Written on November 10, 2014 - #Apple #iOS