Apps cannot use Push Notifications to send promotions, unless you’re Apple or anyone else – →

Rule 56

Regardless of the cause, this is clearly a promotion, will annoy thousands or millions of people, and is in direct violation of the least-enforced rule in the App Store.

Also, I don’t remember to ever have explicitly authorised AppStore to send me push notifications (which is another rule for third party apps).

In my opinion, a rule must never be broken, even for a good cause like this. Especially, if you are the “person” who have defined that rule.

I’m not annoyed about receiving a notification like this, expecially because I tend to ignore all notifications from any app and watch the entire list from Notification Center when I have time to waste.

Why they don’t have sent another email for this purpose? I receive a lot of advertising email from Apple, why don’t include this also?

Written on December 2, 2014 - #Link #Apple #Develop