Apple Design Awards 2016

Every year I watch with great interest the Apple Design Awards, the event of WWDC that rewards the most beautiful applications submitted during the year.

Presented by Apple as the apps who excel with their design, I always found some little gems to try.

Here the awards of this year:

  • Complete Anatomy: A really stunning medical app. (iPad only);
  • Streaks: A sort of to-do list specifically crafted for making good habits in the everyones life. (iPhone, watch);
  • Zova – Personal Trainer: multi-platform fitness app, with great streamed videos for users. (iPhone, watch, tv);
  • - Video Review and Collaboration: if you work with videos and in a team, you’ll love this app, and its integration with iOS and macOS tecnologies. (iPhone, iPad);
  • Ulysses: I recently discovered this app thanks to various articles on MacStories and, also if it seems a little bit too much for my needs, have the same app also on iPhone and iPad can be really convenient. (macOS, iPhone, iPad);
  • Chameleon Run: no other words than to “amazing” is needed to describe this app. The mix of action, quick thinking and a great soundtrack… I can only suggest to give it a try on the TV. (iPhone, iPad, tv);
  • Lara Croft GO: I don’t really love turn based games, but the detail depth of this it’s quite impressive. (iPhone, iPad);
  • INKS.: the classic pinball reinvented as a piece of art. (iPhone, iPad);
  • Auxy Music Creation: if you love the electronic music, you must give this app a try; the cleanest way to create your own tracks. (iPhone, iPad);
  • djay Pro: already winner in the 2011, the developers continue to adapt the app with new technologies, like keyboard shortcuts on the iPad Pro and multi-4K video streams. The clear example of how the iPad can be a professional device. (iPad, macOS);
  • Linum: the first student winner, with a clean and engaging game. (iPhone, iPad);
  • Dividr: another student winner, with a game who involve usage of 3D Touch in a really creative way. (iPhone, iPad).

Considering the fact I haven’t tried the medical and music creation applications (really, I’m not good in those fields), I found a lot of inspiration in this year awards.

Written on June 17, 2016 - #Apple #WWDC16 #Design