A week in Links 04

Week 16-20 November 2015.

A designer’s take on the iPad Pro

Another quick review of the iPad Pro by a designer who has used it everyday.

What Goes Up

Name a product introduced in the last five years that has been more successful than the iPad — either in terms of revenue and profit for its maker, or in terms of aggregate hours of daily use and customer satisfaction of its users. I can’t think of one.

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

Two formerly Apple designers talks about how recently Apple started to destroy the UX in favour to beauty.

Taking My Business on the Camino (Part Three – How it all turned out)

This guy spent about two months on the “Camino de Santiago”; for keep up with works, he choose to use iPad (instead of the MBP).

Dockercraft - Minecraft Docker client

Wait wait wait wait! A Docker client in Minecraft? That’s awesome!

The Space Doctor’s Big Idea - The New Yorker

A comprensive explanation about Einstein’s ideas.

Sorry for the late post, I’m was little busy today. Also, in the free time, I working on the first “long” post for this blog.

Stay tuned.

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