A week in Links 03

Week 09-13 November 2015

Setting up your new headless Apple TV Development unit →

Erica explain how to setup the new generation Apple TV headless for developing.

The New Favicon • The Breakroom →

A nice tutorial with consideration on how to generate the best images for the new Safari pinned-tabs.

Siri beats out Google Now and Cortana in survey, with 81% user satisfaction rating →

Siri, Cortana and Google Now user satisfaction report.

XOXO Rough Cut Online Premiere - Our First Crack at the Opening of App →

This is a great premiere from “app: the human story” documentary. Hope it will be released soon.

How to search GitHub for open source tvOS and iOS apps →

Nice howto (+ links) for developers pleasure.

iPad Pro Review: A New Canvas →

The great, lengthy, Viticci’s review of the new iPad Pro. Every time I read (or listen) Federico’s iPad workflow, I’m really impressed about how much work can be done on this device.

Playing Fasttracker 2 .XM files in Javascript →

This push my mind back to my adolescence…

Jony Ive interview: The story of the Apple Pencil →

A short interview to Jony Ive about the Pencil.

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