A week in Links 02

Week 02-06 November 2015

The teen who made a revolutionary robot arm →

A teen made a robotic arm with fishing wire, Lego and a 3D printer. That’s amazing

Dialing Down →

First there are the usual suspects: so many articles to read, so many comment threads to jump in, so many podcasts to listen to, so many videos to watch.

Ghosts in the machine: the real hackers hiding behind the cliches of TalkTalk and Mr Robot →

I loved “Mr. Robot”, also with their cliché. This is an interesting analysis about how the fiction sometimes is added to the reality, in order to provide more interesting stories to the audience.

“Despite Its Flaws . . .” →

Apple products are good* … * except when they’re not.

The History of Vim →

Vim it’s my editor of choice, my first installed app on any Mac is MacVim, and the only external plugin I install on Xcode makes it behave like vim. This is an interesting video to discover the origins of my preferred text editor.

Superintelligence Now! — How We Get To Next →

Bird and Layzell wanted to see if they could harness the creativity of natural selection to design an oscillator, one of the key building blocks of modern electronics. … Instead of building an oscillator of its own, Bird and Layzell’s creation had hijacked the rhythmic signals being generated by its neighbors

Hello, I’m Mr. Null. My Name Makes Me Invisible to Computers →

Initially funny, this makes me to thinking about years and years of software development

The inside story on Jobs and Woz’s illegal phone phreaking →

A short documentary about phone hacking with the blue boxes. Really interesting

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