A week in Links 01

Week 26-30 October 2015

Having a baby VS having a cat - The Oatmeal →

I’ve both, and this is really fun.

Apple TV is a radical rethinking of your relationship with the hardware and games you own →

A deep view about what Apple (thinks) can solve with the App Thinning, Slicing and on-demand resource, with an eye on the new AppleTV.

Sonic Pi →

A free live coding synth for everyone originally designed to support computing and music lessons within schools. Use code to compose and perform in classical and contemporary styles ranging from Canons to Dubstep.

A Workflow for Independence - Logan’s Story →

A nice story about how Accessibility on iOS (and third part apps) can really change someone life.

The Nostalgia Machine →

Pick a year, obtain a playlist! Nice!

[Screenshots from developers & Unix people (2002) Anders Jensen-Urstad →](https://anders.unix.se/2015/10/28/screenshots-from-developers–unix-people-2002/)

A nice old-school screenshots. Some from very relevant persons!

Inside Apple’s perfectionism machine →

“Across the board, our goal is to make the best in the categories we choose to compete in.” - Phil Schiller

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